Base Class for responder-side nodes.

  • Object
  • Node
  • LocalNode


LocalNode(String path)


callbacks → Map<ValueUpdateCallback, int>

Subscription Callbacks

read / write
disconnected → String

Disconnected Timestamp

exists → bool

Checks if this node exists. list and subscribe can be called on a node that doesn't exist Other things like set remove, and invoke can only be applied to an existing node.

hasSubscriber → bool

Checks if this node has a subscriber. Use this for things like polling when you only want to do something if the node is subscribed to.

lastValueUpdate ValueUpdate

Gets the last value update of this node.

listChangeController BroadcastStreamController<String>

Changes to nodes will be added to this controller's stream. See updateList.

listReady → bool

whether the node is ready for returning a list response

listStream → Stream<String>

List Stream. See listChangeController.

path → String

Node Path

provider NodeProvider

Node Provider

value → dynamic

Gets the current value of this node.

valueReady → bool

Is the value ready?

attributes → Map<String, Object>

Node Attributes

read / write, inherited
children → Map<String, Node>

Node Children Map of Child Name to Child Node

read / write, inherited
configs → Map<String, Object>

Node Configs

read / write, inherited
hashCode → int

The hash code for this object.

read-only, inherited
profile Node

This node's profile.

read / write, inherited
runtimeType → Type

A representation of the runtime type of the object.

read-only, inherited


operator [](String name) → dynamic

Shortcut to get.

operator []=(String name, Object value) → dynamic

Set a config, attribute, or child on this node.

operator ==(other) → bool

The equality operator.



clearValue() → void

getDisconnectedListResponse() → List

getInvokePermission() → int

Gets the invoke permission for this node.

getSetPermission() → int

Gets the set permission for this node.

invoke(Map<String, dynamic> params, Responder responder, InvokeResponse response, Node parentNode, [ int maxPermission = Permission.CONFIG ]) InvokeResponse

Called by the link internals to invoke this node.

load(Map<String, dynamic> map) → void

onAllListCancel() → void

Callback for when all lists are canceled.

onStartListListen() → void

Callback for when listing this node has started.

overrideListChangeController(BroadcastStreamController<String> controller) → void

removeAttribute(String name, Responder responder, Response response) Response

Called by the link internals to remove an attribute from this node.

removeConfig(String name, Responder responder, Response response) Response

Called by the link internals to remove a config from this node.

setAttribute(String name, Object value, Responder responder, Response response) Response

Called by the link internals to set an attribute on this node.

setConfig(String name, Object value, Responder responder, Response response) Response

Called by the link internals to set a config on this node.

setValue(Object value, Responder responder, Response response, [ int maxPermission = Permission.CONFIG ]) Response

Called by the link internals to set a value of a node.

subscribe(dynamic callback(ValueUpdate update), [ int qos = 0 ]) RespSubscribeListener

Subscribes the given callback to this node.

unsubscribe(ValueUpdateCallback callback) → void

Unsubscribe the given callback from this node.

updateValue(Object update, { bool force: false }) → void

Updates this node's value to the specified value.

addChild(String name, Node node) → void

Adds a child to this node.

forEachAttribute(void callback(String name, Object value)) → void

forEachChild(void callback(String name, Node node)) → void

Iterates over all the children of this node and passes them to the specified callback.

forEachConfig(void callback(String name, Object value)) → void

get(String name) → Object

Get a property of this node. If name starts with '$', this will fetch a config. If name starts with a '@', this will fetch an attribute. Otherwise this will fetch a child.

getAttribute(String name) → Object

Get an Attribute

getChild(String name) Node

Get a Child Node

getConfig(String name) → Object

Get a Config

getOverideAttributes(String attr) → Object

same as attributes for local node but different on remote node

getSimpleMap() → Map<String, dynamic>

Gets a map for the data that will be listed in the parent node's children property.

noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic

Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.

removeChild(input) → String

Remove a child from this node. input can be either an instance of Node or a String.

toString() → String

Returns a string representation of this object.